Is Your Furnace and Air Conditioner Sized Correctly?

Sizing an furnace or air conditioner properly is not an easy task. Many homeowners in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs are currently running over-sized and under-sized systems in their homes and putting up with the consequences of doing so. Furnaces and air conditioners are not “one size fits all, “and if the units in your home were not installed by a skilled and reliable heating and air conditioning  contractor you may have this problem already. If you suspect that your unit may not be right, it is in your best interest to do something about it as soon as possible.

Wrong Furnace and Air Conditioner Sizing

Some contractors will use the size of the unit to manipulate their customers. Normally, when something is bigger and more powerful it means that it is better than something smaller. However, in the HVAC industry, bigger is not better! Illegitimate contractors like to use this assumption to squeeze a couple extra thousand dollars out of a customer. When too small of a unit is installed, it is usually found that either the homeowner installed it on their own in an effort to be more economical, or it was installed so long ago that the sizing rules have changed. In either situation, you end up with major problems in the years after the installation. Some of these include:

  • High Energy Bills: When a unit is too big it cycles on and off more frequently, and this eats up a lot of fuel. If the unit is too small, it will run for hours and hours to try and reach the temperature set on the thermostat. The extra time spent running also wastes energy. In the end, the homeowner’s energy bills are sky high.
  • Temperature: Whether the unit is too big or too small, the temperatures in the home will not be consistent. Some areas won’t get enough heat or cool air, some may get too much, and overall home comfort is greatly effected.
  • Humidity: When an HVAC system is not properly sized, it is not able to remove humidity from the air. As a result, you will experience discomfort and possibly even suffer from the damage that excess moisture can cause to a home. Mold growth is just one of the problems caused by excess moisture in the air of your home, and that is not something that any homeowner wants to deal with.
  • Return on Investment: When you install a high efficiency system in your home, you expect to see a return on that investment within a few years. Your energy bills should decrease. However, if that unit is the wrong size, you will greatly diminish your return. Systems that are improperly sized are also prone to failure. Within a matter of 5-10 years you could be replacing the unit all over again. If you have ever invested thousands of dollars on a unit before, then you know that this is not something you want to re-invest in any time soon.

    Freedom Heating & Cooling…Furnace & AC Sizing Done Right

    If you are considering replacement of your old systems, it is important that you hire a dependable contractor. After doing your research with the Better Business Bureau and verifying references, find out how the contractor goes about sizing a new HVAC system. If they can give you a quick quote over the phone, chances are they could care less if the unit is the right size or not. They just want your money. A proper sizing will involve checks of the following:

    • Square Footage of the Home
    • Climate Location
    • Insulation in attic and other key areas of the home
    • Type and age of windows
    • Sunlight exposure through windows
    • Ceiling heights
    • Number of rooms occupied on a daily basis

    These are just a few of the many checks that our comfort specialists will look at. With this information, we will be able to find a unit to match your homes specific needs. This isn’t something that can be done over the phone. We offer free estimates on new heating and air conditioning systems, so if you think your unit may be the wrong size for your needs, fill out the form on this page to schedule a no obligation estimate. Hey, it’s free!

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