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Conducting regular maintenance for your gas boiler ensures its reliability, minimizes operating and energy costs, extends equipment life, and improves safety. Luckily, you don’t have to wait for your next professional annual inspections to be sure your boiler’s functioning well.

There are several things you can check on your own to make sure you’re getting the most out of your boiler:


Inspect around and under your boiler for leaking water


Make sure the area around the boiler is unobstructed


Check temperature and pressure readings


Check for error and service codes


Make sure the vent termination is unobstructed


Inspect the combustion air opening for blockages


Listen for unusual noises or vibrations from equipment


Inspect the combustion air piping and flue gas vent piping


Inspect the relief valve discharge pipe and boiler relief valve


Inspect the condensate drain line, PVC fittings, drain system, and drain trap


Inspect boiler hydronic piping


Inspect burner flame

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Annual Inspection

In addition to performing regular inspections yourself, you should schedule an appointment with us to have one of our qualified boiler technicians perform an annual inspection.

During this inspection, the technician should:

  • Inspect the heating system and fix any issues
  • Clean and inspect the heat exchanger of the boiler
  • Ensure all boiler connections and wiring are intact
  • Clean and flush the system if necessary
  • Examine and clean flame sensors, ignitor, and burner assembly
  • Inspect the venting system for deterioration, corrosion, or blockage to ensure all pipe and joint connections are secure
  • Inspect the vent terminations and air inlet to make sure they’re unobstructed and clear
  • Check control settings and test safety controls and operating controls

Your technician should follow up with you after your inspection to report any findings and ensure that your boiler is functioning properly.


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